Tran Hung Dao

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Tran Hung Dao


(also Tran Quoc Tuan). Born 1226; died 1300. Vietnamese general who organized the Vietnamese people’s struggle during the triple incursion of the Mongol feudal lords into Dai Viet (Vietnam) in 1257–58,1284–85, and 1287–88. Commander in chief of the Vietnamese armed forces (1283).

On Apr. 9, 1288, Vietnamese forces under Tran Hung Dao won a major victory in a battle on the Bach Dang River that proved decisive in the expulsion of the Mongols from Dai Viet. In the struggle against the superior forces of the Mongol conquer-ers, Tran Hung Dao made extensive use of guerilla tactics, combined with concentrated attacks by the regular army. April 9, the day of Tran Hung Dao’s victory over the Mongols in 1288, is celebrated as a national holiday in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Tran Hung Dao wrote several works on the art of war, notably An Elementary Manual on the Military Art.

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For a small fee of just over $1 (as is standard for most attractions) you can cross over and enjoy some great views of the lake and take in the architecture and history of the temple, which was erected in the 18th century and honours 13th century military leader Tran Hung Dao, scholar Van Xuong and Confucian master Nguyen Van Sieu.
(23) Looking at cult-like activities surrounding national heroes such as Tran Hung Dao and Ho Chi Minh through an anthropological lens, Malarney and later Pham Quynh Phuong have also uncovered the continuous deification of these figures in northern Vietnam.
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In Vietnam, he was sometimes compared to guardian warrior saints, or thanh, like Marshal Tran Hung Dao of the 13th century who raised armies to drive out Chinese invaders.
Located at the intersection of Tran Hung Dao and Phan Chu Trinh avenues, Hilton Garden Inn Hanoi is in the French Quarter of Hanoi.
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In 1288, General Tran Hung Dao stopped Mongol ships from traveling the Bach Dang River, located near the islands, by sinking them with steel-tipped stakes at high tide.
Finally, in all historical narratives, unavoidably there have been individuals who found collaboration with the enemy more palatable than resistance, but for every Nguyen Huy Tuc (eighteenth century) or Hoang Cao Khai (nineteenth century), there were dozens of Tran Hung Dao or Truong Cong Dinh.
The temple was erected in the 18th century, and honors the 13th-century military leader Tran Hung Dao who distinguished himself in the fight against the Chinese.
The Chi Linh area was the manor estate of Tran Hung Dao, a prince and the most powerful general of the Tran dynasty.