Trans-Caspian Railroad

Trans-Caspian Railroad,

transportation line linking the countries of Central Asia to one another and with the nations to the west. Built in the late 19th cent., the line begins at Turkmenbashi (Krasnovodsk) on the Caspian Sea and passes through Ashgabat, Bukhara, Samarkand, and Tashkent. There are branches to the Fergana Valley. The Trans-Caspian line connects at Arys with the more recent Turkistan-Siberia RRTurkistan-Siberia Railroad,
abbreviated as Turk-Sib,
important railroad in Central Asia, providing the shortest link between Siberia and Central Asia. Completed in 1931, it runs from the Trans-Siberian RR at Novosibirsk SW to the Trans-Caspian RR, which it joins N of
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 and the Kazalinsk line to Orenburg. It was formerly also known as the Central Asiatic RR.
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