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see HimalayasHimalayas
[Sanskrit,=abode of snow], great Asian mountain system, extending c.1,500 mi (2,410 km) E from the Indus River in Pakistan through India, the Tibet region of China, Nepal, E India, and Bhutan to the southern bend of the Brahmaputra River in SE Tibet.
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" Though China-Nepal-India Trans-Himalaya sub-regional development cooperation is on the horizon, India on its part likes to maintain exclusive relations with Nepal.
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The production system in question is a Buddhist agropastoral one in Spiti region of the Indian Trans-Himalaya bordering Tibet.
As the BRI will eliminate this frontier through the Trans-Himalaya railway, India has frantically moved to sell the "Look South" policy to Nepal.
The boundaries of GHNP are also contiguous with the recently established (2010) Khirganga National Park (710 sq km), the Pin Valley National Park (675 sq km) in Trans-Himalaya, Rupi-Bhabha Wildlife Sanctuary (503 sq km) in Sutlej watershed and Kanawar Wildlife Sanctuary (61 sq km).
To address the river capture and the erosion-tectonic coupling hypotheses, U-Pb LA-MC-ICP-MS dating of detrital zircon grains (from palaeo-Brahmputra sediments as well as sands from modern rivers draining the Trans-Himalaya and Himalayan southern slopes) is integrated with microtextural analysis in a revised approach to the use of detrital zircon data as applied to provenance studies.
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