Transcendental Function

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Transcendental Function


an analytic function that is not algebraic. Simple examples of transcendental functions are exponential functions, trigonometric functions, and logarithmic functions.

If transcendental functions are treated as functions of a complex variable, a characteristic feature of a transcendental function is the existence of at least one singularity other than poles and branch points of finite order (seeSINGULAR POINT). For example, e2, cos z, and sin z have the essential singularity z = ∞, and In z has branch points of infinite order at z = 0 and z = ∞.

The foundations of the general theory of transcendental functions are provided by the theory of analytic functions. Special transcendental functions are studied in the corresponding disciplines—for example, the theory of hypergeometric functions, the theory of elliptic functions, or the theory of Bessel functions.


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In Agamben's variant of this kind of thinking, then, the transcendental function is supplied by a "zone of indeterminacy" which, for him, harbours the promise of suspending the violences that have been enabled by it.
In the same way, specific psychological mechanisms that realize a transcendental cognitive function can be studied only empirically, even though a highly abstract description of the basic temporal-causal processes that realize the transcendental function can be achieved by philosophical reflection.
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