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Early system on Ferut computer. Listed in CACM 2(5):16 (May 1959).


(1) To convert from one format to another. It implies conversion between very distinct kinds of data, such as from speech into text or from analog video into digital frames. Sometimes the term is used as nothing more than a fancier synonym for "convert." See transpiler.

(2) To convert from one compressed audio or video format to another; for example, from MP3 to Ogg Vorbis. Converting lossy formats, such as MP3, to another lossy format may degrade quality considerably. See FLAC, MP3 and Ogg Vorbis.

(3) To convert from one video color format to another; for example, from composite video to component video. Modern A/V receivers transcode video in order to accommodate a mix of analog and video sources.
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As service providers accelerate their deployments of VoLTE, VoWiFi and WebRTC interactive services, the need for transcoding is more important than ever.
We chose Radisys' market- leading MediaEngine portfolio as it offers the scalable transcoding essential to deliver seamless interoperability between legacy and next-gen services, across all of the endpoint devices in the network.
The ViBE XT1000 Xtream enables OTT, cable, and telco customers to launch new turnaround services rapidly and cost-effectively, with support for up to 54 HD channels or 180 SD channels and transcoding from any format to any format.
With adaptive bitrate streaming protocols - such as HLS, Smooth, and MPEG-DASH - combined with cloud transcoding and centralized management with a detailed API, Media Excel leverages its more than 12 years of transcoding expertise to bring practical solutions to meet organizations' operational and business goals.
The main role of the social media PaaS platform is to provide a distributed and parallel processing system for media transcoding functions and delivering social media, including video and audio files, to heterogeneous devices such as smart phones, personal computers, televisions, and smart pads.
The products offer the following features: high level of concurrency and next generation video quality; real-time HD to HD transcoding, trans-wrapping and transcryption of up to six simultaneous streams; faster than real-time transcode on stored content; subframe ultra low latency; security processor architecture; support for concurrent 1080p60 encoding and transcoding; face detection algorithms for video conferencing and surveillance; dedicated TCP/IP Processor Engine and Dual Gigabit Ethernet; as well as ViXS Xtensiv Software Stack.
Using our latest SI3000 SMG, our customers are now able to take full advantage of the new multi-core processing power for wideband codecs, audio transcoding and voice quality enhancement.
RipCode's V6 transcoding appliance is equipped with industry-leading transcoding flexibility (file-to-file, file-to-stream, stream-to-stream, stream-to-file and RipCode's On-Demand Transcoding), codec and container flexibility, concurrency, video processing functions and resolutions ranging from QVGA to 1080i/p.
Coverage includes the fundamentals of digital video compression, digital video coding standards, transcoding algorithms and systems architecture, optimization of transcoding performance, video transport transcoding, system clock recovering and time stamping, transcoder video buffer and hypothetical reference decoder, cryptography and conditional access, application and implementation of transcoding, universal multimedia access with emerging standard MPEG-21, and the end-to-end test bed.
Kontron, a leading global provider of Embedded Computing Technology (ECT), and Keepixo, a leading provider of software-based head-end solutions for IPTV and OTT, today announced a joint collaboration to launch a new high-density OTT transcoding solution that combines the Kontron SYMKLOUD Series of converged infrastructure platforms and Keepixos Genova software suite for OTT services.