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see Trans-Dniester RegionTrans-Dniester Region
or Transnistria,
region (2004 preliminary pop. 555,000), E Moldova, between the Dniester River and the Ukrainian border. A narrow territory some 120 mi (195 km) long but barely 20 mi (32 km) across at its widest, the Trans-Dniester Region has a
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Moldova's pro-European prime minister Iurie Leanca has said EU-inspired reforms and visa-free travel for Moldovans are the best hope of resolving the "frozen conflict" of Transdniestria, arguing they would make Moldova more attractive to those in the rebel region.
With the situation in the world changing so rapidly, we do believe that the international partners who are involved in the settlement of the conflict in Transdniestria will decide that a fair solution can only be reached by recognising the will of the Transdniestrian people," he said.
Already, Transdniestria has set up border posts and has declared its independence from Moldova in 1992.
MOSCOW, Jumada I 24, 1435, Mar 25, 2014, SPA -- Russia's military staged training exercises on Tuesday in Transdniestria, a breakaway sliver of Moldova that is a focus of tension following Russia's annexation of Ukraine's Crimea region, according to Reuters.
He pinpointed a breakaway pro-Russian region in Moldova - Transdniestria (or Transnistria) - as Putin's next probable target, seemingly discounting assurances from Moscow it will not make a further land grab of territory that was part of the Soviet and tsarist empires.
37 DariaIsachenko, The Making of Informal States: State Building in Northern Cyprus and Transdniestria (UK: Palgrave McMillan Publishers, 2012).
The author participated in the negotiations and relates an important event that had considerable impact on the Russian attitude toward the West: the diplomatic discussions over the breakaway territory of Transdniestria in Moldova and Moldova's decision, heavily influenced by the West, to drop a settlement supported by Russia.
Por otra parte, el gobierno ruso mantiene la postura de rechazar el reconocimiento de la independencia de Kosovo (la mayoria de los paises de la ue si lo reconocieron desde el ano 2008) ante el peligro de que este hecho podria alentar procesos separatistas similares en varias regiones de la ex Union Sovietica, tales como la Transdniestria, Crimea, Chechenia, Daguestan, Ingushetia o Tatarstan y, de tal forma, Rusia se veria involucrada en conflictos armados internos o con paises vecinos como Moldova, lo cual crearia un nuevo foco de confrontacion Rusia-Occidente en la zona del Este de Europa.
Likewise, peacekeeping and conflict resolution efforts in Cyprus, Transdniestria, Kosovo and Bosnia share some of these features.
It is also important to remember that Moldova has big problems because of the political leaders from Transdniestria (region of Moldova) which claim their independence.
Specifically, the European Union would probably expect a democratic Russia seeking membership in the European Union to support the democratic transformation of Belarus, reduce the Russian troop presence in Kaliningrad and end it in Transdniestria, work toward a resolution of the Transdniestria problem resulting in its reintegration into Moldova, encourage Serbia to accept the independence of Kosovo and normalise relations with it, and renounce the idea of a special Russian sphere of influence in what were the western Soviet republics (the Baltics, Belarus, Ukraine, and Moldova).
4, General Nikolay Makarov, the chief of the general staff of the Russian armed forces and the first deputy minister of defense of Russia, presented the following information to the members of the Public Chamber (the institution made of well-known personalities chosen to advise the Russian state leaders): the main dangers to Russia come from the so-called frozen conflicts in Transdniestria, South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Nagorno Karabakh, but there are dangers in the West as well.