Transfer Case

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transfer case

[′tranz·fər ‚kās]
(mechanical engineering)
In a vehicle with more than one driving axle, a housing fitted with gears that distribute the driving power among the axles.

Transfer Case


a mechanism for transferring torque between the driving axles of multiple-axle vehicles. It is located in the transmission, behind the gearbox.

In the USSR, trucks with good off-road capabilities are equipped with a transfer case featuring a two-stage reduction gear. This makes it possible to raise the gear ratio of the transmission and double the total number of transmission speeds. On some vehicles, such as the KrAZ-255B and the KamAZ-4310, the transfer case is connected to a differential connecting the driving axles. This makes it possible for the middle and rear driving axles to rotate at different speeds when the vehicle is traveling over an uneven surface.

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Air suspension, an eightspeed automatic transmission, an active rear locking differential and transfer box are all part and parcel of the set up which make this very special Velar tick in the rough stuff alongside the clever traction electronics from Land Rover's Terrain Response system.
There's a substantial eight-speed auto transmission with sturdy transfer box for high- and low-ratio four-wheel-drive, front and rear differential locks, electronically disconnectable anti-roll bar and heavy duty electrics to power extra lights and a winch.
It boasts locking front, rear and centre has a chassis old axle differentials and a lowrange transfer box, all operated by simple buttons on the centre console, and it'll happily wade in water up to 70cm deep.
Available with Land Rover's Ingenium 2.0D SD4 240HP and 3.0D TD6 258HP engines, Discovery Commercial comes exclusively with four wheel drive, automatic transmission, twin-speed transfer box, air suspension and a full-size spare wheel.
Complementing these hardware upgrades are unique software calibrations for the eight-speed automatic transmission with twin-speed transfer box, and Discovery's dynamics systems including Hill Descent Control, Electronic Traction Control (ETC), Adaptive Dynamics, Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), All-Terrain Progress Control (ATPC) and variable ratio electric power-assisted steering (EPAS).
The system makes use of a centre differential for all-wheel drive, instead of employing the generally used traditional transfer box, which is bulky and adds significant weight.
There is also terrain response and hill descent control, a twin-speed transfer box with high and low range for off-roading, plus optional wade-sensing to alert the driver to deep water.
Do we want a crossover vehicle with a low-range transfer box, ground clearance to equal an Evoque and lots of grunt?
This summer Glasfryn are adding two new features to their park; an Industry Wake Parks Transfer Box and an Incline Box with Metal Handrail.
Through an automatic transfer box you can select different terrain modes.
Full-time all-wheel drive continues to be standard, too, though the revised single-speed transfer box for 2014 is lighter and adjusted for more efficient on-road travel.
Moreover the Thar embodies the same concept as the Jeep, which is - engine in the front, transfer box in the middle sending drive to both axles.