technology transfer

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technology transfer

(1) Converting the results of research into a practical application.

(2) Sharing technical information by means of education and training.

(3) Using an application to solve a problem in an industry that is entirely different from the one the software was originally developed for.
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He said, "Our goal should be formation of firm and durable ties with the world to the extent that joint investment and transfer of technology to the country should be made possible; on this basis, Iran should be turned into hub of certain specific goods in Asia.
Vice Admiral (Controller Warship Production and Acquisition) G S Pabby said, "Contracts for transfer of technology about the Mine Countermeasures Vessels (MCMV) or minesweepers should be signed soon.
This legislation promotes the transfer of technology to benefit the U.
Speaking in ceremony, where the NIOC and Russian Zarubej Neft signed a feasibility study deal, Kardor said the principle emphasized in that model of contract concerned the need for transfer of technology.
Indian companies are allowed for tie-ups with a foreign Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for Transfer of Technology (ToT) under Buy & Make (Indian) category.
This is to facilitate transfer of technology to Iran, Hossein Zamani-Nia told Shana after his meeting with the Slovenian Economy Minister Zdravko Po?
Belvidere, Illinois, received recognition "for extensive technical contributions in the advancement and transfer of technology in the area of molding sand technologies.
Technology has been transferred on non-exclusive basis and agreement is signed as per the provisions of DRDO Guidelines for Transfer of Technology.
His use of the microphone within a mold to be poured and the use of the oscilloscope to record the explosions during pouring still stands alone as a tribute to ingenuity as well as to the transfer of technology.

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