file transfer protocol

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file transfer protocol

[′fīl ¦tranz·fər ‚prōd·ə·kȯl]
(computer science)
A set of standards that allows the user of any computer on the Internet to receive files from another computer, or to transmit files to another computer, after the user has specified a name and password for the other computer. Abbreviated FTP.

File Transfer Protocol

(FTP) A client-server protocol which allows a user on one computer to transfer files to and from another computer over a TCP/IP network. Also the client program the user executes to transfer files. It is defined in STD 9, RFC 959.

See also anonymous FTP, FSP, TFTP.

Unix manual page: ftp(1).

file transfer protocol

A communications protocol used to transmit files without loss of data. A file transfer protocol can handle all types of files including binary files and ASCII text files. See Kermit, Zmodem and FTP.
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As an example, the French FOUDRE domain at the time used STUDEL as its file transfer protocol while the British JANET used x.
Email was added as an alternative transfer protocol in an updated version of the standard; however, email systems often have policies (notably limits on the size of incoming attachments) that make them impractical for receiving large documents.
In the context of the ubiquitous Web, using HTTP as the transfer protocol for EDE makes sense.
Healy initially denied the request for compassionate exemption, since there was no provision in NIH guidelines for expedited review of gene transfer protocols.
For the present, all gene transfer protocols are to be considered experimental.
The RAC's Points to Consider must be the standard of review for all gene transfer protocols.