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see Austro-Hungarian MonarchyAustro-Hungarian Monarchy
or Dual Monarchy,
the Hapsburg empire from 1867 until its fall in 1918. The Nature of Austria-Hungary

The reorganization of Austria and Hungary was made possible by the Ausgleich
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(Transleithanien), a term used in literature to designate the territory east of the Leitha River, which constituted the Hungarian part of Austria-Hungary (1867–1918). Transleithania included Hungary proper, as well as Slovakia, Transylvania, Croatia, Slovenia, and other lands that were under the rule of the king of Hungary.

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Following the Austro-Hungarian compromise of 1867, there existed two separate parliaments in Cis- as well as in Transleithania (i.e., an "Austrian" and a "Hungarian" parliament; for more on the Austro-Hungarian parliamentary system, see Helmut Rumpler and Peter Urbanitsch, eds, Die Habsburgermonarchie 1848-1918, vol 7/1 and 7/2: Verfassung und Parlamentarismus, Wien: Verlag der osterreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, 2000).