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(1) Copying files from a site on the Internet to the user's account in an online storage service, rather than downloading them to the user's computer.

(2) To install an application on a mobile device from an online marketplace that is not sanctioned by the device maker.

(3) Copying files from a computer to an SD card that is then inserted into a mobile device.

(4) Transferring data to a computer first and then from the computer to the mobile device.

(5) Copying an app from a computer to a mobile device rather than downloading it from the online store.
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Funded by the Illinois Department of Transportation and local sources, the first two elements of the capstone project provided easier access to the truck-to-rail transload facility, pulled traffic away from downtown Peru and built a new access road and rail siding.
At the time, a 2 million square foot facility owned by Michelin and a 50,000 square foot transload cooler building owned by Puris were the only tenants.
CSX Corporation, based in Jacksonville, FL, owns companies providing rail, intermodal and rail-to-truck transload services that are among the nation's leading transportation companies, and that connect more than 70 river, ocean and lake ports, as well as more than 200 short line railroads.
The company operates two unit-train capable transload facilities--Gold Creek, with 50,000 metric tons of storage capacity; and Obed, which is also home to the company's state-of-the-art resin coating plant, with 20,000 metric tons of storage capacity.
One example of this emerging phenomenon is the development of the Port of Willamette Brooks Intermodal and Transload Facility *.
The impact of in-basin sand hurts the transload facility but makes SOI's proppant management systems that much more important, says Wangler.
Teaming with transload and aggregate supply specialist Oklahoma Construction Materials (OCM), Charah Solutions Inc.
The joint venture will extend the service offering of OmniTRAX Energy Solutions, an affiliate of OmniTRAX that provides frac sand storage and transload services and a patented last-mile containerized bin-to-blender proppant delivery solution.
Backed by OFS Energy Fund, Shale Support operates an extensive mining and transload network strategically aligned with key destination terminals that serve Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Louisiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania regions.
This unit train capable facility will offer rail car storage, repair, cleaning and transload services to Southeast Texas.
CIG Logistics has integrated SANDSTORM with its present transload terminal footprint and proprietary PropLogistics software.