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Movement of water, mineral salts, and organic substances from one part of a plant to another.
(cell and molecular biology)
The transfer of a chromosome segment from its usual position to a new position in the same or in a different chromosome.



(1) In genetics, a type of chromosomal restructuring (mutation) involving an interchange between parts of chromosomes; it often leads to a decrease in the fertility of animals and plants.

(2) The transference of substances in and out of a cell through a biological membrane by means of a biochemical transport system.

(3) In plants, the movement of water through the xylem and of nutrients through the phloem.

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Being in very excited state during the process of translocation, the faint-hearted animals might have died of heart failure," Raha said.
Janet Rowley revolutionized research in the field of cancer biology and the diagnosis and treatment of cancer through her discoveries of specific chromosomal translocations in the leukemias and lymphomas.
The project marks an important step in our understanding of the methods of coral translocation, and Nakheel is to be commended for its efforts to protect the coral community at the Dubai Dry Docks,' Dr Burt commented.
The proband's t(6;21)(q:q) translocation was not observed in the parents.
When evaluating previous investigations for evidence of extrapulmonary transport of carbon-based particles, there is little to support translocation of such PM outside the respiratory tract.
Disease risks associated with wildlife translocation projects.
In an attempt to increase the number of extant populations of cricket frogs in southeast Michigan, the National Amphibian Conservation Center initiated a translocation project to try to establish a self-sustaining population of cricket frogs in a restored wetland at the Detroit Zoo.
Given Ohio's topography (three of its rivers run along the southern and eastern border) and a single point of emergence in the northeast, the authors adjusted their simulations to estimate the potential impact of translocations.
Based on the results of this study, biologists should further evaluate Big Bend National Park and Big Bend Ranch State Park for future desert bighorn sheep translocation sites in Texas.
This can be characterised either by a tillage translocation distance, which is the mean distance over which the tillage layer is moved in the direction of tillage, or by a soil flux, which is the mass of soil translocated through an area of depth equal to the implement depth and of unit width (Fig.