Transmission Ratio

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Transmission Ratio


one of the major features that define mechanisms, including rotational drives. The transmission ratio is defined as the ratio of the angular velocities or frequencies of rotation of the components. This usually refers to the ratio of the angular velocity of the driving component to the angular velocity of the driven component: u = ω12.

The concept of the transmission ratio is applicable both to simple mechanisms (pairs of gears, worm drives, belt drives) and complex multicomponent mechanisms (multiple reduction gears, planetary gears, gearboxes). The transmission ratio of gear drives connected in series is equal to the product of the transmission ratios of these drives.

In addition to the concept of the transmission ratio, the closely related concept of the gear ratio is widely used, especially with respect to gear trains.

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ZF added that the TraXon has a high transmission ratio spread and an energy conservation efficiency rating of 99.7%.
The tractor's electronics will handle the balance between engine speed and transmission ratio to achieve the desired result.
It has a special rack with variable transmission ratio and two characteristic curves: depending on which drive program the driver has selected, it provides taut and sporty or more comfortable steering feedback.
But above all, thanks to electrification, the Jeep range further improves its legendary off-road capability, courtesy of the greater torque offered by the electric motor and the ability to adjust it with extreme precision during take-off and while driving on the most challenging terrain, where a very low transmission ratio is needed.
The wide transmission ratio not only makes driving quieter and more comfortable especially at low engine speeds, it simultaneously also contributes to reducing fuel consumption.
If one or both conditions are not fulfilled, then it is necessary to take the larger of the values [i.sup.[alpha].sub.add] and [mathematical expression not reproducible] found and, in this number of times by the available method, increase the maximum total long-term operating torque of all TMs or install a reduced stage in the wheel gears with the additional transmission ratio found.
According to TE, the ratio of landlines services to population reached 105%, while data transmission ratio reached 37%.
However, the proportion of energy from regenerative braking system to the batteries depends on the maximum motor torque limit, transmission ratio, and maximum allowable battery current [35].
The wide transmission ratio not only makes driving quieter and more comfortable especially at low engine speeds, but it simultaneously also contributes to reducing fuel consumption.
To perform this test, the loads were applied using a potentiometer, requiring only the input of information about the identification of the test tractor and the transmission ratio of the engine speed and the PTO.
The geared linkages with parallel connected gear train were studied by Neumann [8] as step mechanism with non-uniform continuous motion with high transmission ratio, with high swing angle [9] respectively with instantaneous dwell or pilgrim step [10], [11] and Hain [12].

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