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see Trans-Dniester RegionTrans-Dniester Region
or Transnistria,
region (2004 preliminary pop. 555,000), E Moldova, between the Dniester River and the Ukrainian border. A narrow territory some 120 mi (195 km) long but barely 20 mi (32 km) across at its widest, the Trans-Dniester Region has a
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Transnistria broke away from Moldova because the Russian-speaking population were alarmed by the rise of nationalism and the prospect of that country unifying with Romania.
Geographically, Transnistria is part of Moldova and is not recognised as a sovereign state by any other nation.
While it's easy to write off Transnistria as a dangerous maverick regime, it shouldn't be forgotten that it's also home to half a million people held hostage by the vagaries of geopolitics.
The population of the Moldovan region of Transnistria is approximately 40% Romanian/Moldovan, 28% Ukrainian, and 23% Russian.
Fundamental to efforts to reduce the smuggling trade has been a tightening of Moldova's border with Romania and the policing of the banks of the River Nistra that separate Moldova from its breakaway territory of Transnistria. Recent data suggests some improvements on this front, and Romanian Border Police reported seizures of illegal cigarettes amounting to 7.32 million cigarette packs in 2009.
Elena Tulip, nee Donica, could go to jail for six months or face a pounds 2,500 fine unless she returns to the Republic of Transnistria, which she fled after her first husband was murdered.
The first of these is "justification," offering char the Romanian regime in occupied Transnistria was decidedly more benign than German rule in its Soviet occupied territories.
Those who thought that wayward Georgia marks the end rather than the beginning of Russia's appetite for regional conquest should consider a recent headline from a Romanian newspaper: "The other Georgia to come: The 18 tanks of Transnistria could reach Chisinau in 30 minutes." The August 22nd article went on to warn that Russia now threatens Europe's easternmost reaches.
A sampling of topics; religious minorities, vagabonds and gypsies in Early Modern Europe; Romanian public reaction to the deportation of gypsies to Transnistria; and central European Roma policy.
Keywords: transition, demonstration effect, Moldova, communism, Transnistria, Russia
The country has an area of approximately thirteen thousand square miles, and its population, including Transnistria, is an estimated 3.9 million.
Moldovagaz is a joint Russian-Moldovan company set up by Gazprom, the Moldovan Government, and the Ministry of Industry of Transnistria.