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, part of the ancient Persian Empire in central Asia between the Oxus (Amu Darya) and Jaxartes (Syr Darya) rivers. Corresponding to the later emirate of Bukhara and region of Samarkand, it was also known as Transoxiana.
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Most came from the Samarqand, Transoxiana region of Central Asia (now Uzbekistan), an area famed for its physicians, including Ibn Sina and e-Samarqandi.
According to al-Sulaiti, scientists from Uzbekistan's former name, Transoxiana, played a great role in the history of the development of Islamic civilisation by forming a scientific and cultural bridge between Asia and the Arab world.
Roudaki was born in 858 CE in the Pandj-Rodak village near Pandjikent, a settlement between Samarkand and Bokhara (in Transoxiana, central Asia).
My Pet Monster Gwdihw Cafe Bar, Cardiff Tickets: pounds 3 Cardiff-based noise-poppers perform tracks from their forthcoming EP Transoxiana Girls.
A Study of Fakhr al-Din al-Razi and His Controversies in Transoxiana (Beirut: Dar el-Machreq, 1966), 6.
Their topics include Alkhan and Hephthalite coinage, the last Bactrian kings, copper coinage and the Sasanian monetary heritage, the Chionite and Kidarite periods as seen from Samarkand, new data for a tentative historical reassessment of late historic cultural landscape in Swat, archaeological and art historical evidence from North-West Pakistan for the Shahi period, and archaeological traces of early Turks in Transoxiana.
Taus Makhacheva's The Fast and the Furious, 2011, about the subculture of Dagestan's street racers, and Almagul Menlibayeva's surrealist Transoxiana Dreams, 2011, set in the dead region of the Aral Sea) were also a breath of fresh air.
After Genghis Khan conquered Afghanistan, he returned to Mongolia through Transoxiana, where he encountered Islamic mosques and was exposed to the teachings of Islam.
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During his conquests, Timur himself had left most of the regional dynasties of Iran and Transoxiana in place as long as they had recognized his overlordship.
Thus Subuktagin, the confidential slave of Samanid prince in Transoxiana, was able to acquire a large tract of territory and found the dynasty of the Ghaznawids, to which belonged the famous conqueror Mahmud", Reuben, L.
In Transoxiana, the flying carpet enjoyed a brief renaissance before being erased forever by the Mongol hordes of Genghis Khan.