Transport Craft

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Transport Craft


in astronautics, a spacecraft designed to make flights between the earth and man-made objects in space, such as near-earth manned spacecraft, orbital space stations, and unmanned probes, or between man-made objects in different orbits.

The main purpose of a transport craft is to transport manned or unmanned objects intended for scientific or industrial tasks to earth orbit and return them to earth. Another purpose is to transport space tugs to earth orbit; space tugs are capable of shifting a payload to higher orbits or to flight trajectories to the moon or planets. The crew of a transport craft may, for example, carry out maintenance, repairs, and preventive inspections of orbital spacecraft. The crew may also conduct observations or scientific and technological research or rescue cosmonauts in emergency situations in orbit.

A transport craft may be manned or unmanned and reusable or nonreusable. The role of a nonreusable transport craft has been filled by several spacecraft of the Soyuz series (for example, in transporting cosmonauts to the Salyut space station) and by several Apollo spacecraft (in transporting astronauts to the Skylab space station). Reusable transport craft are the main component of multipurpose space transportation systems. Such transport craft, called shuttles in the foreign literature, are expected to replace booster rockets and nonreusable spacecraft by the 1980’s.


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The NNCP aimed to be a platform not just to produce cars but any other mobility products such as trains or other transport craft, ' he said.
The gold was carried by an ( An-12 , a Soviet transport craft that is still in service in various parts of the world.
On December 6, a military transport craft, a Lockheed C130, crashed at the foot of a 10-storey apartment building in a residential area of southern Tehran, killing 108 people including 68 journalists and photographers, and injuring more than 90.
The runways are long enough to handle long-range bombers and transport craft as well as China's best jet fighters, giving them a presence deep into the maritime heart of Southeast Asia that they have lacked until now.
Douglas DC-3 Dakota Owner's Workshop Manual describes an air transport craft of the 1930s and 40s that not only played a key role during World War II, but became one of the most influential transport aircraft ever.
The United States Air Force flew the Globemaster in a joint air exercise between the air forces of the two countries held in India October 19-23 at Agra to let the Indian military familiarize itself with the transport craft, said a senior Indian Air Force official.
Men were crammed together in small transport craft headed toward the beaches ...
They were converted transport craft and they stuck rocket tubes on the top.
The CH 53 Sea Stallion transport craft went down in the Anbar province as battles between US troops and militants raged across the Sunni Triangle.
The CH 53 Sea Stallion transport craft plunged into the desert in Anbar province.
The upward revision is due largely to a rise in the production of railway cars and steel vessels such as tankers and transport craft, a ministry official said.

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