Transportation Balance

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Transportation Balance


a record of the volume of freight shipped and received. Transportation balances are kept for enterprises, ports, stations, highways, and regions. The Central Statistical Board of the USSR publishes yearly composite balances for the Union republics. These balances set forth the total volume of freight shipped and received, the volume of freight shipped to other points within the republic, the volume of freight shipped to and received from other republics, and the difference between the volumes of freight entering and leaving the republic. In addition, there is a breakdown according to the means of transportation used in freight shipments (railroads, river vessels, oceangoing vessels).

Transportation-economic balances are also used. These records not only contain the information described above but also identify the destination of shipments and the volume and origin of deliveries. Analyses of these records facilitate the planning of freight traffic and turnover and help to uncover any inefficiencies in shipments.


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Transportation balance, which had recorded a net inflow of $23 million in the first month of 2010, recorded a net outflow of $21 million in the same month of this year.
On the import side, oil imports were up 124.4% y/y, while non-oil imports were down 46.0% y/y.Ee
The services deficit narrowed 38.3% y/y to US$ 699.4mn, on the back of improvement in construction and transportation balances, with the latter posting a US$ 64.9mn surplus compared to a US$ 18.8mn deficit in 1Q15.

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