Transportation Construction, Institute of

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Transportation Construction, Institute of


(full name, All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Transportation Construction), a research institution under the Ministry of Transportation Construction of the USSR.

Located in Moscow, the institute was founded in 1950; until 1956 it was called the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Railroad Construction and Planning. The institute conducts research aimed mainly at improvement of the technical level of transportation construction and of the performance, reliability, and durability of transportation facilities. The institute has divisions for railroad surveying and planning, man-made structures, the roadbed and track superstructure, electrification of railroads, transportation buildings, tunnels and subways, transportation and hydroengineering facilities, the economics and organization of construction, and automatic control systems. Other arms of the institute are the Black Sea Division of Marine and Shore-reinforcement Structures, the Siberian Branch (in Novosibirsk), and a planning and design bureau and pilot plant in Moscow.

The scientific council of the institute confers the degree of candidate of sciences. The institute publishes collections of scientific works, manuals, and materials on standards.

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