Electrical Conductor

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Conductor, Electrical


a material that readily permits the passage of an electric current through it—that is, a material that has a high electrical conductivity, or low resistivity ρ. Good conductors are materials with ρ ≤ 10-6 ohm-cm. In contrast to conductors, insulators have high resistivities—from about 1014 to 1022 ohm-cm. Semiconductors occupy an intermediate position.

Electrical conductivity is determined by the concentration and mobility of the charge carriers. Conductors include metals, electrolytes, and plasmas. In metals, the charge carriers are quasi-free conduction electrons. In electrolytes, the current is produced by positive and negative ions. In a plasma, the current is carried by free electrons and positive and negative ions. At low temperatures, many metals and some semiconductors become superconductors.

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Tenders are invited for purchase and transportation of electricity directly from producers and/or suppliers, brokers, or marketers.
Kyrgyzstan pays $ 15 million annually to Uzbekistna and Kazakhstan for transportation of electricity, chairman of the "Institute for Research on Water Use and Resources in Central Asia" international foundation Ernest Karybekov said on December 6 at a round table discussion of energy crisis in the country in Bishkek.
She practices extensively before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on matters including the sale and transportation of electricity at wholesale, regional transmission organizations and electric markets, mandatory electric reliability standards, generator interconnections, and hydroelectric licensing and compliance.
The gas system," the five companies wrote in a joint statement, "may provide an alternative to long-distance transportation of electricity since gas can transport energy up to 20 times more efficiently".
Referring to the recent joint meeting of the presidents of Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan in Dushanbe, the Iranian envoy noted that the sides have been discussing the implementation of projects on the transportation of electricity and water for several years and a document on this issue has been signed following negotiations by the three countries.
There is also less transmission loss by avoiding the transportation of electricity along many miles of electrical distribution cables.
We have applied these concepts on the production and transportation of electricity and water as part of efforts preserve the sources of energy and protect the environment", he said.
Lavrov added that Russian United Energy Systems (UES) company was interested in transportation of electricity energy from Armenia to Turkey while another Russian company was ready to build a railway line between the two countries.
Currently, gaps in the transmission network prevent the transportation of electricity from areas of surplus production capacity, so the creation of a national power pool would inject much needed efficiency into the sector.
Charges for distribution - the transportation of electricity over low voltage networks - represent approximately 30 per cent of the average domestic electricity bill of pounds 252 and although a cut in excess of 25 per cent in distribution charges will not translate immediately into a six per cent cut in bills, it points bills in a downward direction.
The Governor's proposals will be made to move utility deregulation forward, rather than to hobble it as a result of the sudden reimplementation of a tax on the transportation of electricity by a state taxation official.
100% owned by the national operator Electricity of Vietnam (EVN), the National Power Transmission Corporation (NPT) now has the transportation of electricity monopoly in Vietnam.

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