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see shootingshooting,
firing with rifle, shotgun, pistol, or revolver at stationary or moving targets. The term shooting is also used in Great Britain to mean small-game hunting.

In the 19th cent.
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a shooting sport in which the targets are clay pigeons sprung from traps. The gunner stands at one of several stations located directly behind and a little to each side of a single trap or, in skeet, located along a semicircle with a trap at each end.

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Till now, she stands as the first Indian woman to qualify for the Olympic trap shooting event when she made it to London 2012.
According to Dr Hoffman , the Chairperson of the Clay Target Shooting Association of Namibia, "Clay Trap Shooting has been a tradition in Namibia for many years.
Trap shooting targets are thrown either as singles or doubles from one or more traps situated some 15m in front of the shooter, and are generally going away from the firing point at varying speeds, angles and elevations.
The UAE had already been amongst the medals in Guangzhou with Juma bin Dalmouk Al Maktoum winning a silver in double trap shooting.
Lee Campion took silver in the men's trap shooting event while the badminton team finished with four bronze medals, Michelle Cheung taking third in the women's singles.
He was a finalist at the British Open Championships in Shropshire where more than 1,000 competitors took part as he continues to make an impact on the clay pigeon trap shooting circuit.
So, in the spirit of British cheerful misplaced expectancy, let's light the torch of optimism and hope we aren't just cheering on some British ladies' judo team or double trap shooting bloke going for bronze.
Next came my life-long ambition to get into the Great Britain automatic ball trap shooting team.
Various events, including target shooting, chipping, trap shooting, archery, a blind taste test and trivial pursuit were part of the day's events, which was such a success that it is now held every Autumn.