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What does it mean when you dream about being trapped?

A feeling of being trapped may indicate a job-related problem or a stifling personal relationship. Pregnant woman in their last cycle of pregnancy often have a dream of being entrapped in small places.

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Wherever you place your traps, plan to run them once a day; you don't want trapped animals to suffer.
The total number of fruit flies trapped was highest in McPhail traps (319 flies), followed by the clear artisanal traps (253 flies) and lowest in the yellow-bottomed artisanal traps (178 flies; Fig.
Saturation of glue-based traps occurs when the trap's ability to retain insects that enter the trap is reduced by the presence of trapped insects or by the presence of other fouling material, such as scales shed by the trapped insects, dust and plant debris.
proposed a serpentine design in which single cells were trapped in the trapping sites in sequence [22, 23], which was then scaled up in the design proposed by Lu et al.
Non trapped colonies collect more pollen and rear more brood than trapped colonies (EL-Dakhakhni et al., 1986).
if we had trapped more unburned wooded habitats, our samples might have been large enough to show an effect of time of exposure in the field for white-footed deermice.
Of the 262 fishers reported, 259 were trapped, and the remaining three were salvaged.
The findings reported here indicate a trend towards a reduction in the number of crabs per trap with longer soak times; however, crabs remain trapped for a prolonged time, and the effect is likely not negligible if the number of lost traps is high, as reported for other crab fisheries (Breen 1987, 1990).
A decision can then be made based on the number of slugs trapped and whether this exceeds the thresholds for treatment."
Climbing sticks with adhesive were checked periodically to ensure that the accumulation of trapped spiders or insects was not excessive and that there was ample exposed adhesive to maintain capture efficiency.
The peripheral traps capture crickets jumping both from inside the trapped area and from outside it.