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popular name for an order of Roman Catholic monks, officially (since 1892) the Reformed CisterciansCistercians
, monks of a Roman Catholic religious order founded (1098) by St. Robert, abbot of Molesme, in Cîteaux [Cistercium], Côte-d'Or dept., France. They reacted against Cluniac departures from the Rule of St. Benedict.
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 or Cistercians of the Stricter Observance. They perpetuate the reform begun at La Trappe, Orne dept., France, by Armand de RancéRancé, Armand Jean le Bouthillier de
, 1626–1700, French religious reformer, founder of the Trappists. He was of a noble family, was well educated, and lived at court as a worldly priest.
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 (c.1660). The reformer's aim was to restore primitive Cistercian (hence also primitive Benedictine) life; actually the Trappists surpassed both St. Benedict and St. Bernard in austerity. The reform was acclaimed in the world, but many Cistercians resisted it. The whole order was affected, but some abbeys never accepted the reform as such. The life of Trappists is one of strict seclusion from the world. Working hours are devoted to common and private worship, labor (often manual), and study; there is no recreation, meat is eaten only by the sick, and silence is observed except under unusual circumstances, but not by vow. Lay brothers do much of the farming, a peculiarly Cistercian practice. In the 19th and 20th cent. the Trappists shared in the revival of monasticismmonasticism
, form of religious life, usually conducted in a community under a common rule. Monastic life is bound by ascetical practices expressed typically in the vows of celibacy, poverty, and obedience, called the evangelical counsels.
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 and expanded greatly. There are 12 abbeys in the United States. The head of the order, the abbot general of Cîteaux, lives in Rome.


See T. Merton, The Silent Life (1957); L. J. Lekai, The Rise of the Cistercian Strict Observance in Seventeenth Century France (1968).

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Contract notice: Construction of a boarding house - house relay housing 16 rue des trappistines macon (71000) n A[bar] op: 621s
a Rogersville les monasteres des Trappistes et Trappistines, des communautes qui ont celebre leur centenaire en 2002 (4).
Le premier couvent acadien est ouvert en 1826 par les trappistines a Tracadie en Nouvelle-Ecosse.
Here I limit my study to the nuns of the latter order, which is also known since 1892 as the Trappistines, referring to the reform begun by Armand de Rance (1626-1700) at LaTrappe, Orne, France.
Likewise, the Trappistines at Our Lady of the Mississippi Abbey in Dubuque, Iowa, went green when building a new facility for their candy business.
C'est le cas des Filles de la Sagesse, qui ont bien une superieure generale, mais dont le superieur est le superieur general des montfortains ; ou encore des trappistines, dont chaque monastere releve de l'abbe' d'un monastere masculin.
unanimously decided that the people of Norway's invitation was God's call, and five members of the community, joined by two native Norwegian Trappistines from other abbeys, would be sent to reintroduce Cistercian life to Tautra.
Sister Maricela Garcia was born in Mexico to a poor family and spent years in a teaching order before seeking out the Trappistines.
This consultation concerns the extension work on the cemetery Trappistines Montelimar.
Des trappistines sont a Saint-Romuald depuis 1902 ; d'autres cisterciens, de Lerins, sont arrives a Rougemont en 1932.
As I ended the day singing the psalms of compline and, along with all the monks, receiving the blessing of the abbot, I was overwhelmed with the realization that across the globe the Trappists, the Trappistines, the Carmelites and all of the contemplative orders pray day after day, year after year for my sanctification and that of the church.
Nevertheless, said Pech, the decision-making process allows the Trappistines to change focus as needs change.