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a dense light-colored tuff rich in amorphous silica. Trass contains many small fragments of volcanic glass that has been partially converted into zeolites. In the USSR, trass is found in the Crimea (the Karadag) and in Transcaucasia (mainly in Armenia). Pulverized trass is used in the cement industry as an active admixture to portland cement, which can then harden in seawater. (See alsoPOZZOLANA.)

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trapeze hanger with roller support
A natural pozzolan of volcanic origin.
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Summaries of that work have also been presented by Trass at the International Technical Conference on Clean Coal & Fuel Systems, Clearwater, Florida, with the latest in 2016 [11].
Due to the geometric structure symmetry of the two-bar trass, we only consider the optimal model of one bar of both.
We have a list of Estonian hemerophobic forest bryophyte species (Trass et al., 1999), also lists of indicator species for Estonian woodland key habitats of different forest communities (RT, 2010), but there is no up-to-date list of Estonian mire bryophytes, although bryophytes are the main components in mires and in peat.
Other sponsors of the event include Marai, UAE Exchange, Berger Paints, MH Al Mahroos, Chevron, IPS Trade, Mohammed Fakroo, Mark 7, Unilever Bahrain, Country Club India Limted, VM Bros, Royal Sun Alliance, Bader Trading, Maison Interiors, Trass Group of Companies, Red Bull, Sharp and National Trading House.
and it is normal early-strength Portland pozzolana cement (CEMII/A-P 42,5 N) containing 6-20% trass (natural pozzolana) in total mass and having the strength class of 42,5 [11].
However, with the club's new scouting network coming together the search to find reinforcements in subsequent trass nsfer windows will soon begin.
Building materials typically consid- ered to be 'green' include lumber from forests that have been certified to a third-party forest standard, rap- idly renewable plant materials like bamboo and straw, dimension stone, recycled stone, recycled metal, and other products that are non-toxic, re- usable, renewable, and/or recyclable (e.g., Trass, Linoleum, sheep wool, panels made from paper flakes, com- pressed earth block, adobe, baked earth, rammed earth, clay, vermicu- lite, flax linen, sisal, seagrass, cork, expanded clay grains, coconut, wood fibre plates, calcium sand stone, concrete etc.
"The Trials of Trass Kathra" follows Kali Hooper as she conquers one challenge and rises to face another.
Trass (1985) (778) concerned several defendants found guilty of aggravated battery, home invasion, and armed robbery.
Green building materials considered to be "green" include rapidly renewable plant materials like bamboo and straw, lumber from forests certified to be sustainably managed, dimensioned stone (9), recycled stone, recycled metal, other products that are non-toxic, reusable, and/or recyclable (Trass (10), Linoleum (11), sheep wool, panels made from paper flakes, compressed earth block, adobe, baked earth, rammed earth (12), clay, vermiculite, flax linen, sisal, sea grass, cork, expanded clay grains, coconut, wood fiber plates, calcium stone, etc.).