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An earlier backup tape technology from Imation Corporation, Oakdale, MN ( Travan drives evolved from QIC tapes and were mostly compatible with QIC cartridges. However, Travan used .315" wide tape rather than quarter inch (the QI in QIC), as well as different tape guides and enhanced magnetic media. For server backup, the Travan Network Series (NS) provided hardware compression and read-while-write features. See QIC and magnetic tape.


  TR-1               400MB
  TR-2               800MB**
  TR-3               1.6GB

  HP 5GB (TR-4 with
      less tape)     2.5GB

  Travan 8GB (TR-4)    4GB
  Travan NS 8          4GB

  Travan 20GB (TR-5)  10GB
  Travan NS 20        10GB
  Travan 40GB         20GB

 ** Never popular

Travan Cartridge
Travan evolved from the QIC family of backup tapes. Travan drives were compatible with most QIC, QIC Wide and QIC-EX cartridges.

QIC-EX Extends Travan Capacities
QIC-EX cartridges from Verbatim extended the cartridge housing to include more tape. Many Travan drives supported QIC-EX cartridges.
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Travan is a highly durable storage format that uses high-capacity cartridges, making it a great option for notebook backup and storage.
"Seagate continues to deliver best-in-class tape backup and restore solutions to customers that rely on Travan technology to protect the valuable information they depend on every day," said Bob Hawkins, director, Product Line Management for Seagate Removable Storage Solutions.
Travan K., the "elder" twin (by less than a minute), admits that, in the past, the two have capitalized on being twins.
"Seagate provides resellers with one-stop shopping for backup solutions with 8GB and 20GB SCSI and ATAPI Travan and Travan NS solutions, 8GB and 24GB DAT drives, as well as AIT drives for midrange servers.
"Travan technology should be welcome news to millions of PC users.'
Travan tape drive solutions allow users to protect their entire system and vital information reliably on a single data cartridge.
In linear drives the basic recording technique is similar between Travan, SLR, SC50, VS, DLT, and LTO drives (there are variations in recording density/encoding, track pitch, and number of parallel channels).
If higher capacity is needed, then Travan offers a backup solution with over 29 times that of CD-RLRW and three to nine times that of DVD at an attractive price.
We've heard nothing lately from the Travan people, and theirs is a direct-attach strategy.
There was a time, and not too long ago, that IT management leaned in favor of Travan and DDS technologies due to their long histories and affordable price points.
Some other tape platforms like 4mm/8mm, QIC and Travan are not growing and are likely to fade from the scene in the long run.