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Engineering the distance moved by a mechanical part, such as the stroke of a piston

What does it mean when you dream about travel?

There are many possible meanings of travel dreams, including freeing oneself of obstacles and restrictive circumstances. Dreaming about a journey can be about our life journey, so how we feel about our dream journey can reflect how we feel about our lives. A dream journey can also symbolize something less comprehensive, such as some specific move we have made in our lives. (See also Voyage).


(mechanical engineering)
The vertical distance of the path of an elevator or escalator as measured from the bottom terminal landing to the top terminal landing.

travel, rise

Of an elevator, escalator, etc., the vertical distance between the bottom terminal landing and the top terminal landing.


Many people dream of traveling in planes, cars, trains, or motor bikes. Traveling seems to be one of the most common dream themes. It is representative of our journey through life. These dreams could represent your current movement toward goals or passage through life. Difficult traveling conditions such as a dark road, a bad storm, or an accident in a car or other vehicle may be symbolic of the difficulties that we experience in our daily journey through life. Other times, dreaming about traveling to a fun place and having a great time could be a form of compensation or wish-fulfillment. This type of a dream can be an escape from our daily life and form of transcendence into a beautiful dream world. If you are constantly having dreams about traveling, take a closer look at the current situations in your life. Are things going well, or are they more difficult than you would like them to be? Are your dreams a form of escapism and entertainment, or are they reassuring you that life is an adventure and you must keep moving forward?
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5 million Britons who holidayed abroad last year, almost half took traveller's cheques (tcs) - worth nearly pounds 5.
That means we each used an average of pounds 511 worth of traveller's cheques to pay for holiday treats and extras, compared to cash withdrawals from hole-in-the-wall machines (automated teller machines or ATMs) of pounds 226 each.
The average purchase of Amex traveller's cheques last year was pounds 555.
You can buy traveller's cheques at banks and building societies and even at the Post Office before you go.
We also found out how much it would cost to get pounds 500 in traveller's cheques in dollars or euros.
Several providers will also change back unspent currency or traveller's cheques commission-free if you bought from them.
Lloyds TSB had the cheapest deal on traveller's cheques, followed by Alliance & Leicester and Nationwide.