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a geographic, ethnogeographic, regional-studies film, which depicts the natural features of a country or geographic region and shows the economically and cultur-ally valuable life and work of the people. Many films are devoted to travels and expeditions. The first travelogue was made in 1895 by the Lumiere brothers in France. Travel-ogues subsequently became very popular in England, France, and the USA. They were first made in Russia in 1907. The first Soviet travelogue appeared in the mid-1920’s. Many films were produced about travels and expeditions. A series of short travelogues entitled Travels Through the USSR was created in the late 1940’s. In 1960 a creative production workshop was formed for the production of geo-graphic films about the Soviet Union and other countries. The production of Almanac of Filmed Travels, a collection of films about travels in the USSR and other countries of the world, was begun in 1963.


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