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a geographic, ethnogeographic, regional-studies film, which depicts the natural features of a country or geographic region and shows the economically and cultur-ally valuable life and work of the people. Many films are devoted to travels and expeditions. The first travelogue was made in 1895 by the Lumiere brothers in France. Travel-ogues subsequently became very popular in England, France, and the USA. They were first made in Russia in 1907. The first Soviet travelogue appeared in the mid-1920’s. Many films were produced about travels and expeditions. A series of short travelogues entitled Travels Through the USSR was created in the late 1940’s. In 1960 a creative production workshop was formed for the production of geo-graphic films about the Soviet Union and other countries. The production of Almanac of Filmed Travels, a collection of films about travels in the USSR and other countries of the world, was begun in 1963.


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Meditations In My Favourite Places In Southern Africa: A Travelogue for Inner and Outer Journeys is a wee, selflessly inscribed script jam-packed with ecological similes intended to support individual spiritual depictions.
In several places in her travelogue Nazli Rafia refers to the political tensions between supporters of the Sultan and those of the Committee of Union and Progress which had emerged as a leading reform' party.
The Travelogue edition features a contrast belt line that runs along the window sill from the headlamps to the rear, a navigation system and Bluetooth connectivity, illuminated scuff plates and a rear sun shade.
She traces the decline as the movement away from European modes of travelogue during the reign of Nicholas I.
This account of their search is a combination of nature trip, travelogue and madcap excursion filled with Manhattan socialites, rough coots from the bush and anecdotes about the weird Alexis, who needed his daily marijuana fix wherever he went and who collected scat and bodily fluids to use in his drawings of native animals.
Part history, part detective story, and even part travelogue, this is astronomy journalist Kanipe's attempt to explain cosmology to the average reader.
In fact, the brightest moments in Rivoli's travelogue happen in the least developed country she visits.
Though his only direct queer reference is a personal aside about a memorable sexual peccadillo in Paris, Dessaix constructs this literary travelogue with observations and anecdotes that will resonate with any curious queer traveler, Like Edmund White's The Flaneur (an homage to loitering through Paris, aimless yet attuned to history and chance adventure), Twilight of Love revels in the thrill of allowing whim and obsession to unseat the rigid travel agent as arbiter of itinerary.
Students recognized, for example, that in the travelogue primacy must be assigned to setting.
If skimmed as a travelogue, the American translation (notably the chapter on Wartime: Japan and Indochina) does convey something of her irrepressible zest for life.