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Turkey: see TrabzonTrabzon
or Trebizond
, city (1990 pop. 144,805), capital of Trabzon prov., NE Turkey, a port on the Black Sea. A commercial and transportation center with renovated port facilities, it exports food products and tobacco. Iron, lead, and copper are found nearby.
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, Trebizond
a port in NE Turkey, on the Black Sea: founded as a Greek colony in the 8th century bc at the terminus of an important trade route from central Europe to Asia. Pop.: 246 000 (2005 est.)
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From Trebizond he went overland, often by mule, to Tabriz, Tehran, and Shiraz where he made prolonged contact with the Babis whose movement became a life-long interest.
Alternately using force and diplomacy by the start of the century Genoa had managed to establish powerful outposts (Tana and Caffa) as well as large colonies in Rhodes Trebizond and other strategic junctions.
Moving away from material evidence, Beth Bennett and Lucia Calboli Montefusco examine the works of single medieval and Renaissance authors, namely, Anselm de Besate and George of Trebizond, both pioneers far ahead of the schools of their own times.
71) Kazhdan is referred to the ekphraseis of Nicaea by Theodore B' Laskaris and Theodore Metochites, as also to the panegyrics of Trebizond by Bessarion and John Eugenicus.
Martha's mother Theodora was a Pontic Greek princess, daughter of the Grand Komnenos John-IV of Trebizond.
Contractor address : Trebizond 17 and Papandreou - MELISSINOU
Dating back to the 13th century, when Trabzon was the capital of the empire of Trebizond, the Hagia Sophia constitutes one of the most important monuments of late Byzantine architecture.
O The church is the last complete unchanged work of Byzantine architecture in the country and hails from the time when the Byzantine royalty moved to Trabzon, then known as Trebizond, after the Venetian sack of Constantinople during the Fourth Crusade (1204).
The History of Greece from Its Conquest by the Crusaders to Its Conquest by the Turks and of the Empire of Trebizond 1204-1461.
She also dedicates some pages to alternative centres (mainly Nicaea, Trebizond, Thessaloniki, Mystra and Athos), thereby very briefly referring to post-1204 Byzantium, during which time, she believes, the regional regimes of the eastern Mediterranean world continued to look to Constantinople for models of governance and ceremonial.
Leonard Woolf has rather neutrally classified this as "1896 Trebizond Turkey Germ.
The eternal question of literary elaboration of one's biography is at stake in Rose Macaulay's The Towers of Trebizond (1956), a novel based on her journey in Turkey.