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Turkey: see TrabzonTrabzon
or Trebizond
, city (1990 pop. 144,805), capital of Trabzon prov., NE Turkey, a port on the Black Sea. A commercial and transportation center with renovated port facilities, it exports food products and tobacco. Iron, lead, and copper are found nearby.
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, Trebizond
a port in NE Turkey, on the Black Sea: founded as a Greek colony in the 8th century bc at the terminus of an important trade route from central Europe to Asia. Pop.: 246 000 (2005 est.)
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Some evidence of this is perhaps offered by George of Trebizond's Rhetaricorum libri quinque, which, as we saw earlier, was composed in Venice in the 1430s, when George was attempting to establish himself as a teacher of rhetoric in the city.
"Episodes of Anti-Quintilianism in the Italian Renaissance" traces a controversy that arose between Valla and George of Trebizond and continued into the next generation of humanists.
The book often cited as her magnum opus, The Towers of Trebizond, is a semi-autobiographical novel charting the travels and travails of a Christian group through Turkey.
Days before the Fourth Crusade sacked Constantinople in April 1204, two grandsons of a former emperor seized the city of Trebizond on Anatolia's Black Sea coast.
Other sites of contact that come up for discussion include Alexandria, Jundi-Shapur, Baghdad, Byzantium, Trebizond, and Toledo.
From Beijing back to Venice the route passed through Yangzhou, Zaitun, South China Sea, Sumatra, Ceylon, Hormuz, Trebizond, and Constantinople (Istanbul).
The Byzantine Emperor Alexander, who died from exhaustion while hotly engaged in pursuing the ball; King John I of Trebizond, who breathed his last as result of a fatal injury suffered during the game; Sultan Kutubuddin Aibak from the Slave Dynasty, who became a victim of this sport , when his horse fell, impaling its rider on the pommel.
How is it possible that any human mind could be persuaded that there has existed in the world that infinity of Amadises, and that throng of so many famous knights, so many emperors of Trebizond, so many Felixmartes of Hyrcania, so many palfreys and wandering damsels, so many serpents and dragons and giants, so many unparalleled adventures and different kinds of enchantments, so many battles and fierce encounters, so much splendid attire, so many enamored princesses and squires who are counts and dwarves who are charming, so many love letters, so much wooing, so many valiant women, and, finally, so many nonsensical matters as are contained in books of chivalry?
It is noteworthy that the dialect is still spoken in certain dialectal enclaves in the western part of Trebizond (Tonya and Ophis), by Muslim Pontics, who were exempted from the population exchange for religious reasons.
Some, such as the 6th-century Trebizond ivory acquired by the Musee de Cluny, bolster existing holdings in a particular field.
Sinope and Trebizond (Trapezuntes / Trapezundae and its empire) and Tabriz (Taurisium) stand out as two of the most relevant intermediaries of the time and prospered as great trade centres and the main junctions of caravan routes throughout most of this early period.