Trebizond Operation of 1916

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Trebizond Operation of 1916


an offensive during World War I by the Primorskii Detachment of the Russian Caucasian Army, supported by the Batumi Detachment of the Black Sea Fleet, against the Turkish Third Army.

The purpose of the operation, which lasted from January 23 (February 5) to April 5 (18), was the capture of Trebizond (now Trabzon). Captain M. M. Rimskii-Korsakov’s Batumi Detachment, comprising one battleship, two destroyers, two torpedo boats, and two gunboats, approached the mouth of the Arhave River and silenced the Turkish batteries with naval artillery fire. The bombardment continued on January 24 (February 6), when Lieutenant General V. N. Liakhov’s Primorskii Detachment, about 15,000 strong, attacked Trebizond from the Arhave River.

Assisted by amphibious landing forces, the Russian troops captured Atina, Rize, Of, and Humurgan, and on April 1 (14) they reached the Turkish fortified position on the Karadere River. Two dismounted cossack brigades that had been transported by sea from Novorossiisk were debarked at Rize and Humurgan on March 25–26 (April 7–8), reinforcing the Primorskii Detachment with about 18,000 men. The Batumi Detachment was reinforced by one battleship and one destroyer. The Russian troops, supported by naval artillery, crossed the Karadere River on April 2 (15) and on April 5 (18) captured Trebizond, which the enemy had abandoned. They subsequently advanced as far west as Po-latkhane (now Akcaabat).


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