Tree Hollow

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Tree Hollow


a cavity formed in the trunk by the destruction of the internal tissues. The formation of tree hollows is usually the result of the vital activity of several species of saprophytic fungi and bacteria, often with the aid of ants and birds (woodpeckers).

Hollows occur most often in the trunks of old trees, and they develop slowly. Mammals, birds, and insects often live in hollows. Trees with hollows grow poorly and later die because they lose their solidity and are easily broken by wind. If trees with hollows are treated in time, the life of the tree may be prolonged. Treatment consists of the removal of all decayed tissue from the cavity; when the walls have been scraped down to the healthy wood, they are disinfected with 1 percent solution of Formalin or mercuric chloride or with a 3-5 percent solution of iron or copper vitriol and covered with an insulating coating. Small tree hollows are then sealed with wood plugs and large ones with a mixture of clay, sand, and rubble, after which they are covered with cement. In many tree varieties, hollows are treated in autumn, but birches, maples, and poplars are treated from the end of May until July because the early spring flow of sap destroys the insulation coating.


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TV host Martin Roberts was forced to face his "worst fears" as he lay in a tree hollow filled with water and snakes on I'm A Celebrity.
Day time buffering capacity increases with depth, suggesting that hollow depth plays an important role in determining the maximum buffering a tree hollow can provide.
2012) has also greatly exacerbated the tree hollow scarcity across the Central Highlands.
To remove a tree, Zelenstroi checks its health (if 50% of the tree is damaged, it should be eliminated); trunk damage (if vertical cracks, seams, dead branch stubs and large, older wounds cause internal decay); tree hollow (if one-third of the interior of the tree is hollow or rotten, it should be removed); large dead branches (large trees that have had their tops broken or large damaged limbs are a danger to people and property), and others.
I saw a wonderful rainbow as I came down through Half Tree Hollow this morning said the former Falkland Islands CEO interviewed.
gattii--evidence for a natural habitat related to decaying wood in a pottery tree hollow.
If you don't have an inviting tree hollow, put up a nest box, siting it high in a tree or on a climber covered wall, safe from disturbances.
Growing to about 30 centimetres in length, this generally solitary creature spends the day curled up in a tree hollow, emerging only at night to feed on everything from birds eggs to fruit.
In her evocative piece on place, Storms, Jay Griffiths is almost shaken from her one-night nest in a Strata Florida tree hollow.
Observing that destruction of old-growth forests eliminated the tree hollow homes of Polish bats, Krzanowski (36) recommended the introduction into Poland of Red Bats and Hoary Bats from the United States because these species take shelter in tree foliage rather than hollows, and they migrate at the approach of cold weather rather than hibernate in tree cavities.
Scientists discovered that male palm cockatoos use twigs like drum sticks to beat out a steady rhythm on tree hollows and display their sexual desire.