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earthen field structures that serve in combat as fire positions and primitive shelters for personnel and materiel.

Trenches are used in defense and when waging other types of combat. There are trenches for individuals, squads, machine guns, field guns, mortars, and tanks. The individual trench (foxhole) for firing prone is usually dug with a small spade by a soldier under enemy fire (depth, 20–30 cm; length, 150–170 cm). Subsequently the foxhole is deepened, first to permit firing from a kneeling position and later to permit firing standing up. When the foxholes are connected by ditches, a squad trench is made. It consists of the trench itself with a parapet and parados, compartments for one or two soldiers, platforms for machine guns, primitive shelters for personnel, and a niche for ammunition. The squad trench is a squad position 50–60 m long. Strongpoint squad positions are interconnected by continuous trenches, and communications trenches lead away from them.

Trenches for mortars, field guns, tanks, and combat vehicles consist of areas for waging fire, shelter for the crew, ramps for the combat equipment to enter and leave, and a parapet. The walls of trenches may be reinforced with such materials as turf, brush, and boards, especially in soft ground. The squad trenches and communication passages are covered in certain sectors to improve their protective capabilities. All trenches are camouflaged to fit in with the terrain. When there is snow on the ground, snow trenches are built. On the defensive, special explosive charges, earthmoving machines, and mounted bulldozer equipment are used to dig trenches.


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As well as cold, wet conditions, soldiers had to contend with millions of rats which infested the trenches.
On two separate occasions in the past year, this Special Emphasis Program allowed OSHA compliance officers to remove workers from unsupported trenches minutes before they collapsed - likely preventing possible injury and loss of life.
Two trenches have been sampled over distances of 420 metres (Trench No 38) and 740 metres (Trench no 39).
The trenches were 150 to 160 feet long, 15 feet wide and 10 feet deep and were spaced about 35 feet apart.
For that reason, many geologists would love to visit a subduction zone, armed with the plate tectonic knowledge of how trenches form.
These Stokes trench-mortars were still putting up a tremendous barrage on the enemy's wire and trenches, and the enemy's artillery now opened out and commenced to bombard our line with big shells.
Trenching Services was recently hired to cut more than 25,000 feet of trenches for a new development near Idaho Falls.
The cleanup crews have found long concrete slabs, about 6 feet wide and 11 inches thick, that run the length of the trenches.
On Earth, deep trenches form when one plate- a patch of Earth's outer shell - dives beneath another.
EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE - Excavation work is expected to begin next week on four filled-in trenches that were part of a World War II chemical warfare storage yard.
As the Pacific plate inches northwest, its leading edge dives into the mantle of the earth, forming some of the deepest trenches in all of the world's oceans.