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The process of determining which casualties (as from an accident, disaster, military battle, or explosion of nuclear weapons) need urgent treatment, which ones are well enough to go untreated, and which ones are beyond hope of benefit from treatment.
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in medieval France the right and custom of lords to allot to themselves a portion of the common lands, usually one-third. Triage, widely practiced in the 18th century, was abolished by the French Revolution.

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Marketed under the Sofia, QuickVue, D3 Direct Detection, Thyretain, Triage and InflammaDry leading brand names, as well as under the new Solana, AmpliVue and Lyra molecular diagnostic brands, Quidel's products aid in the detection and diagnosis of many critical diseases and conditions, including, among others, influenza, respiratory syncytial virus, Strep A, herpes, pregnancy, thyroid disease and fecal occult blood.
Street triage can take that work away from the front-line officers.
(Tele) phone triage is used for primary ambulance triage, which is the issue studied in this article, and is different from the on-scene triage.
Appropriate diagnostic testing and nonsurgical treatment could be facilitated by the NP and ultimately reduce the length of time from referral to the surgeon and then to surgery in an NLC or a triage system in outpatient neurosurgery.
The triage category breakdown for each facility was derived from the initial collection of 100 folders (collection 1).
The VLK-3R1 RFID Triage Tag is now available for the global market, and Warp United is providing further customized hardware/software system integration for the telemedicine EMS society.
The factors included in the models were as follows: patient sex; age group; socioeconomic status (Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas [SEIFA], mapped from patient postcode) (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2011); a composite variable of time of call and triage staff (nurse in-hours, nurse after-hours, and GP after-hours); remoteness at time of call (ARIA+ [Australian Population and Migrations Research Centre 2015], mapped from patient postcode); caller's original intention; number of healthdirect helpline calls in the previous 6 months; the caller's relationship to the patient (self/other); and groups of clinical symptoms.
There was a significant difference in the proportions of patients in each triage category (Chi-square = 176.375; df = 3; p value < 0.001).
In Norway, Manchester Triage scale (MTS) and Rapid Emergency Triage and Treatment System Paediatric (RETTS-p) are five-level triage systems used in pediatric EDs.
La tercera etapa, el triage, clasifica al paciente segun criterios de gravedad clinica, para lo cual se siguen varios modelos de clasificacion, como el australiano que emplea cuatro niveles y el de Manchester con cinco niveles [22, 23], desde un triage uno que significa riesgo vital inmediato o alto riesgo hasta los triage superiores que indican urgencias de riesgo vital moderado a bajo.
In July, Quidel agreed to acquire cardiovascular and toxicology assets of and B-type naturietic peptide assay business of California, US-based Triage MeterPro from Canada-based diagnostic product supplier Alere Inc., the company said.
Services include receivables management, nurse triage, enrollment, pharma, medical device management and patient customer service/scheduling.