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In vitro antibacterial and remineralizing effect of adhesive containing triazine and niobium pentoxide phosphate inverted glass.
[38], and they found that the triazine ring started to decyclize to cyanate at around 475[degrees]C.
We have described the synthesis of four novel water-soluble copper complexes bearing sulfonated pyridyl triazine ligands.
(46) 2,4-Bis(2-(4-chlorobenzylidene)hydrazinyl)-6-methoxy-1, 3.5- triazine (8f, Supporting Information, Figure S48 in Supplementary Data).
A vibrational band at 680-689 cm-1 present in FT-IR spectra of all dyes confirmed the presence of the triazine ring.
Some of the more common are free-radical/coagent cure, catalyst-induced triazine cure and formation of benzoxazole crosslinks.
We want to know on a molecular level, how our triazine derivatives influence the cell development," said Mihovilovic.
All triazine herbicides were identified initially by retention time and then by applying spectral contrast techniques (incorporated in [Millenium.sup.32] software) homogeneity of the spectral peak was confirmed.
The triazine herbicides (including atrazine) and urea derivatives (diuron) are photosystem II inhibitors (Stryer, 1995).
The advantage owing to the chloro triazine groups (s-triazine) is that due to the electrophilic property of the cyanuric group, a wide range of chromophores having good fastness to light, perspiration and chlorine.
White also serves as chairman of the Triazine Network a nationwide coalition of grower groups who are represent growers in regulatory issues affecting atrazine and other triazine herbicides.