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Tribonian obviously presided over a group of specialists because the Corpus Juris Civilis amounted to four large volumes.
Tribonian Law Advisors (TLA) acted as lead counsel to The Investment Dar K.
Information was presented about the history and significance of the accomplishments of Constantine (transplanting the Roman capital eastward in the Fourth century), Justinian, the jurist Tribonian, the Great Palace in which the Corpus Juris Civilis was written, the Milion Stone, the Hippodrome, the Basilica Cistern, as well as the Ottoman presence of the Blue Mosque and the Topkapi Palace.
37) Writing more than one thousand years ago, Tribonian opened the Institutes (38) by writing, "There are two aspects of the subject: public and private.
The law firm of Tribonian Law Advisors (TLA) announces that it represented the shareholders of Al Yusr Industrial Contracting Company WLL (AYTB) in the sale of 38 per cent stake in AYTB to Investcorp's Gulf Opportunity Fund.