Triborough Bridge

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Triborough Bridge,

New York City: see Robert F. Kennedy BridgeRobert F. Kennedy Bridge,
New York City, connecting the boroughs of Manhattan, the Bronx, and Queens. Completed in 1936 and originally named the Triborough Bridge, it comprises three separate sections—a suspension bridge crossing the East River, a lift bridge spanning the
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He recalls the thrill of cycling across the Triboro Bridge when it opened in 1936.
About an hour later the police came and told us that the Brooklyn Bridge and Triboro Bridge to Queens were open for foot traffic, but those were the only two options to leave the city.
Under the supply and installation contract, EGS will also supply the market leading ThermaCat[TM] ADPF to the Long Island Rail Road, the Triboro Bridge and Tunnel Authority and the Staten Island Rapid Transit Operating Authority.
when the Triboro Bridge, Rockefeller Center and other icons were built despite difficult circumstances.
Dodgers catcher Todd Hundley played across the Triboro Bridge in Queens with the Mets during his New York days, yet he understands what the next few days in New York will be like.
FROM MANHATTAN: FDR Drive North to Triboro Bridge Exit (left).
FROM THE BRONX: Major Deegan or Bruckner to Triboro Bridge to
location, with convenient access to the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, Grand Central Parkway, Triboro Bridge and Midtown Tunnel," said Mr.
Triboro Bridge and Tunnel Authority, the New York Court of Appeals further defined the limits of the Scaffold Law and the applicability of the "recalcitrant worker" defense.
Cahill was a construction worker employed in the rehabilitation of the Triboro Bridge.
Cahill sued the general contractor and the owner, Triboro Bridge and Tunnel Authority, under several theories, including violation of Labor Law 240(1).
Triboro Bridge and Tunnel Authority, the highest court further clarified the limits of the Scaffold Law and the applicability of the "recalcitrant worker" defense, said Henry L.