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a mythic figure common among Native North Americans, South Americans, and Africans. Usually male but occasionally female or disguised in female form, he is notorious for exaggerated biological drives and well-endowed physique; partly divine, partly human, and partly animal, he is an often amoral and comic troublemaker. The Winnebago trickster Wakdjunkaga scattered all creation across the earth through his flatulence. Natives of the Pacific NW believe that the Raven, after miniaturizing himself and entering the daughter of a chief, was able to emerge disguised as an infant and steal the box in which the chief hid the sun, thus bringing light into the world. Peoples of the plateaus of the NW United States believe that good fishing is found near settlements that gained the favor of the coyote by allowing him to copulate with their women. Tales of tricksters are ironic arenas in which corporeality and transcendence, the individual and society, meaning and the absurd, are mediated and celebrated.
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Sold as a slave in the Copper Isles, Aly soon discovers that the trickster god, Kyprioth, is using her skills as a spy to his own ends.
As with Tolkien's fellowship she has a motley crew of squabbling heroes to assist her including trickster God Loki, a slimy world serpent, a phantom horse, demon wolves, shabby ravens and a reluctant dwarf God.
By mystery, I do not mean some secret a trickster God, or a trickster church, is keeping from us.
Keeping things frisky and Neo-Futuristic (the troupe is most famous for the late-night improve juggernaut Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind), there's also a "trickster god" at whose whim the show will stop or start, and a soundtrack mashing up authentic 1920s music and sound effects with the '80s punk tunes of Husker
Since he tries to trick Apollo into believing the cattle wandered away by disguising his footprints and their hoof prints, he is a trickster god of thieves.
"Anansi is a trickster god, and he usually comes unstuck at the end of the tale.
Charlie Nancy can't shake the name 'Fat Charlie', which his departed father bestowed upon him--nor his other unwelcome gifts: a good-looking stranger who might be his brother, and the discovery his father was really Anansi, a trickster god embodying the spirit of rebellion.
She is aided--and courted--by Nawat, a young man who had once been a crow, who provides training in the fighting arts, as well as by crows, mages, and helpful little shape-shifting "darklings." Meanwhile, only the trickster god Kyprioth knows Aly's true identity as part of a famous family from the rival kingdom of Tortall.
(5) Its concern is chiefly to map the effects wrought by the passage of Enki, trickster god of sweet subterranean waters, through one after another of a series of natural and cultural sites Sumerian civilization marked out in the process of organizing its world.
The Native Americans had a Trickster God who, since being all powerful, could do whatever he wanted.
(9) However, Hyde's analysis of the theft by the trickster god, Hermes, of his brother Apollo's cattle in the Homeric Hymn to the god not only reveals these and other telling parallels to Danda's theft of palm wine from his father's tree, but incisively examines how thefts perpetrated by tricksters often force the examination and sometimes alteration of conventional assumptions and practices: Hermes' theft proves the boundary between his world and Apollo's is porous; it implies that the rules by which Apollo operates are contingent and arbitrary.
For example, an ancient story of the trickster god, Tezcatlipoca, seducing the daughter of a Toltec king finds a counterpart in present day beliefs that heat from the eyes of powerful, older individuals can induce a potentially fatal lovesickness among fragile youth.