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The great Triestine poet, Umberto Saba, caught the city in these lines from his poem "Trieste":
The coast road from Trieste takes you towards the ancient city of Aquileia, second capital of the Roman Empire.
It wasn't until 1954 that Trieste was finally handed back to the Italians.
We keep in touch by a quarterly journal and annual reunions, plus occasional trips back to Trieste to relive your youth.
Fiera Trieste--P.le De Gasperi 1--Trieste (Italy), Trieste.
The issue of local and national identity haunts the discussion about the 'Port Jews' of Trieste. Triestine Jews were influenced both by Central European and by Mediterranean cultures.
'The port in Trieste can be used by the larger than medium-sized ships that are important to Hungarian enterprises.
Cruise news BY FLAVIA GRAY IN TRIESTE No wonder former cruise ship beautician Kerry Ann Wright is feeling made up - she's now a Second Officer on the bridge of Royal Princess.
Forty years ago, the reviewer was studying in England and invited to visit a friend who lived in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, part of the "Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia." He took a train that crossed Italy and came to the border city of Trieste. He knew about the famous Yugoslav leader, Marshall Josip Broz Tito, and his "independent" brand of communism, and expected that the border would not be a challenging one, unlike crossing to West Berlin, which always featured harassment from the East German Volkspolizei.
It joins more than 25 Hilton properties trading or in development in Italy, and will be the first Hilton property in Trieste.
They refused to reveal what those projects are and how much of that money will go to Macedonia, saying they need to be promoted first at the summit in Trieste. They also said they expected the prime ministers and some ministers of all six Balkan countries to attend the summit.