Trilateral Commission

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Trilateral Commission

Oh, the beleaguered, misunderstood international upper classes! If they don’t look after their future interests, who in the world will?

David Rockefeller said that he was inspired to fund the Trilateral Commission after he had read Zbigniew Brzezinski’s book Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era (1970). Brzezinski, at that time a professor at Columbia University, was convinced that a vast alliance must be formed among North America, Western Europe, and Japan in order to protect privately controlled businesses. The international upper classes of the developed nations must band together in order to protect their future interests. Such families as the Rockefellers and the other financial elites must be certain that only those political leaders would be brought to power who would preserve the rights of the established order over the masses.

The initial arrangements for the Trilateral Commission were planned through the course of a series of meetings at the Rockefellers’ Pocantico Hills estate outside of New York City, but Rockefeller first introduced the concept at an annual meeting of the Bilderberg group held in Knokke, Belgium, in the spring of 1972. In 1973 Rockefeller established the Trilateral Commission and hired Brzezinksi away from Columbia University to be the director.

The membership of the Trilateral Commission, like that of the older Bilderberg group, is made up of international financiers, industrialists, media magnates, union bosses, academics, and political figures. An essential difference lies in the Bilderbergers’ strict limitation of membership to participants from Western Europe, the United States, and Canada. The Trilateral Commission recognizes the growing power and influence of the Japanese elite in the world economy.

Later in 1973 Jimmy Carter was asked to become a member of the Trilateral Commission. Carter commented when he won the Democratic nomination for president that the Trilateral members had provided him with a marvelous learning opportunity. Carter chose fellow Trilateralist Walter Mondale as his running mate, and once elected to the presidency, Carter named Zbigniew Brzezinksi as national security adviser. For his top three cabinet posts, Carter appointed Cyrus Vance, W. Michael Blumenthal, and Harold Brown, all Trilateralists. David Rockefeller had accomplished one of his greatest goals: a Trilateral Commission U.S. presidency.

Conspiracy theorists estimate that the current membership of the Trilateral Commission includes approximately eighty Americans, ten Canadians, ninety Western Europeans, and seventy-five Japanese. Most conspiracists do not believe that the Trilateralists wish the destruction of the United States, but rather that it will surrender its independence and embrace the concept of a One World Government.

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