Trimmer Conveyor

trimmer conveyor

[′tim·ər kən‚vā·ər]
(mechanical engineering)
A self-contained, lightweight portable conveyor, usually of the belt type, for use in unloading and delivering bulk materials from trucks to domestic storage places, and for trimming bulk materials in bins or piles.
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Trimmer Conveyor


a mobile loading-unloading machine in which kinetic energy from rotor blades, a disk, or a moving belt is transmitted to the load, which may be dirt or grain, throwing it a considerable distance (up to 30 m).

Trimmer conveyors vary greatly in productivity, depending on their purpose; some can handle more than 1,000 tons per hr. They are used to fill excavated areas in mines with rock, to dump earth onto a heap, to fill dams and railroad embankments, and to load ships, railroad cars, and barns.

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