Trinity Sunday

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Trinity Sunday,

first Sunday after PentecostPentecost
[Gr.,=fiftieth], important Jewish and Christian feast. The Jewish feast of Pentecost, in Hebrew Shavuot, the Feast of Weeks, one of the three pilgrimage festivals, arose as the celebration of the closing of the spring grain harvest, which began formally in Passover 50
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, observed as a feast of the Trinity. It was an innovation in medieval England and spread through the Western Church in the 14th cent. The Sundays until Advent are counted from either Pentecost or Trinity.
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Trinity Sunday

Between May 17 and June 20; first Sunday after Pentecost in the West and Monday after Pentecost in the East
Trinity Sunday differs from other days in the Christian calendar in that it is not associated with a particular saint or historic event. Instead, it is a day that celebrates the central dogma of Christian theology: that the One God exists as three persons with one substance—as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The idea of a festival in honor of the Trinity was first introduced by Stephen, bishop of LiÅge, Belgium, in the 10th century. But it took several more centuries for a feast in honor of so abstract a concept to find its way into the church calendar. It became popular in England perhaps because of the consecration of Thomas à Becket on that day in 1162, but it wasn't until 1334 that it became a universal observance decreed by Pope John XXII. The day after Trinity is sometimes referred to as Trinity Monday.
Tradition has it that St. Patrick of Ireland used a shamrock as a symbol of the "three-in-one," triune God.
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In addition, the following Sunday is Trinity Sunday, a relatively important feast day.
AS I WAS leaving Tushingham Church after the Trinity Sunday service, I saw somebody with a black bag picking up litter on the roadside.
A day such as this, Trinity Sunday, challenges everyone to join this discussion.
The Procession of the Golden Coach, carrying the relics of Saint Waudru around the four parishes of Mons, takes place on the morning of Trinity Sunday. The previous evening perhaps five thousand people pack into the Collegiate Church of Saint Waudru for the ceremony that opens the Ducasse.
He visited St Peter's Church on Trinity Sunday. As well as speaking to the congregation, he had taught the choir a hymn he had written.
As O'Regan points out, the interest of the papacy and the curia resulted in an ability to hire the best musicians in Rome for the confraternity's large processions or elaborate and solemn ceremonies, especially on Trinity Sunday. The names of these musicians read like a who's who, including Palestrina, Victoria and Marenzio, but also include lesser knowns like Annibale Zoilo, who began the reform of the chant books with Palestrina in 1577, or Giovanni Bernadino Nanino, a papal singer and member of an important musical family.
This line from Revelations is not found in either the Roman or Sarum missals for the feast of the Epiphany, but it is among the readings for Trinity Sunday in the Missale Sarum.(13) Moreover, while there is no mention of the Epiphany or anything associated with that feast day in the text of 'Ecce', a fact which Schneyer himself points out,(14) the sermon does treat aspects of trinitarian theology in considerable detail and concludes with the following passage:
Today is Trinity Sunday. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are far greater than us in knowledge, and in love.
\PAISLEY METHODIST CHURCH It's Trinity Sunday and leading us in worship is Kathleen Pearson, one of our Lay Preachers.
On Trinity Sunday, many congregations traditionally recite the Athanasian Creed, the Christian Church's confession of the doctrine of the Most Holy Trinity - the three persons in one God - all three of whom as distinct and co-eternal persons.
Like Daniel, who was left in a lion's den amid unimaginable trials and temptations, she ought to overcome through prayers and penance the ordeals from June 16, 1585, Trinity Sunday to June 10, 1590, Feast of The Pentecost.

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