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A trine is an aspect of 120° between two points—such as two planets—in an astrological chart. This soft aspect is traditionally regarded as harmonious and beneficial, although too many soft aspects combined with too few hard aspects is regarded as unfortunate because people with this chart pattern do not usually experience enough of life’s hard edges to develop strong character. It is sometimes referred to as the aspect of good fortune. Trines indicate an easy flow of energy between two planets. Thus, for example, an individual with a natal trine between Mercury (which represents the mind) and Uranus (which rules, among other sciences, astrology) would have a natural aptitude for understanding astrology.


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Paul Dominey then put the Trins in front after 47 minutes but Carter came out of goal to equalise from the penalty spot after striker Chris Hanson had been brought down.
Neil Walters missed a 15th minute penalty for the Trins before Chris Hunter fired Tipton ahead five minutes later, when his shot deflected past goalkeeper Scott Bamford.
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