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see Tristram and IsoldeTristram and Isolde
, medieval romance. The earliest extant version (incomplete) was written (c.1185) by Thomas of Britain in Anglo-Norman French verse. About 1210, Gottfried von Strassburg wrote in German verse a version based on that of Thomas.
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Unpacking the allusion to Thomas's Tristran also provides insight regarding Robbie's repressed fears.
27) Thomas's Tristran abounds with references to the hero's dependence on Isolde the Fair for his cure towards the end of the epic.
Tristran Davidson was banned for one day for using his whip when out of contention on Dark Mandate in the novice hunter chase won by Forty Shakes.
678), and again in the Turin fragment, 'Duble paigne, doble dolur | ha dan Tristran por s'amor' (ll.
39 Mi cocinera (juguete comico en tres actos, de Tristran Bernard; adaptacion castellana, Antonio F.
LOW DOWN: Loyd Grossman speaks to Suzanne Tristran at the Royal Liverpool hospital yesterday Picture: EDDIE BARFORD
Sir Tristran was this incredible racer and breeders still come from all over to breed with his off-spring.
A perfect example had been a few days earlier at Fitzroy inlet when four Argentinian Sea Hawk planes bombed our troop ships Sir Tristran and Sir Galahad.
A gruff Cockney villain introducing It's A Right Royal Barrel Of Monkeys, a parody of a Guy Ritchie movie, "featuring the likes of Percy Perce, Owen Unconvincing, Tristran Public Schoolboy-Poof, Kathy Burke and Graham Le Saux".
And the time has arrived for entertainment manager Tristran to prove whether he's good management material or not.
Tristran, Henry Baker 1889: "Ornithological Notes on the Island of Gran Canaria".