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see Veliko TŭrnovoVeliko Tŭrnovo
, formerly Trnovo
or Tirnovo,
city (1993 pop. 69,059), N central Bulgaria, on the Yantra River. It is a commercial center and produces foodstuffs, textiles, and leather. Trnovo is the seat of an Eastern Orthodox metropolitan.
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, Bulgaria.
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The Livno Foreign Affairs Department made an informative interview with the asylum seekers, after which it was found that they had valid asylum cards, and were returned the same day to the asylum center in Trnovo near Sarajevo.
The subject of the contract is the successive supply of foods by coupling for a period of two years for the needs of the primary school of trnovo.
All those who addressed the 46th migrants' meeting in Trnovo near Bitola Wednesday criticized the government for signing the agreement on good-neighborly relations with Bulgaria and said the agreement will be short-lived.
Erdeljan traces specific traits pertaining to New Jerusalems of the Slavic world through examples of selected capital cities of Orthodox Slavic states in the Late Middle Ages: Trnovo, Belgrade, and Moscow.
The Macedonian people can't wait to go to the polls and we are going to do everything in our power to ensure this happens as soon as possible, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski at the Pan-Macedonian Meeting in the Bitola village of Trnovo.
1 billion contract to build a "tourist city" in Bosnia, which would be made up of thousands of homes, several hotels, a shopping mall and a hospital in the municipality of Trnovo at the foot of Bjelasica, one of four mountains surrounding the capital Sarajevo.
of Trnovo which lies below the Bjelasnica and Igman mountains, venue of the 1984 Winter Olympic
In the Bitola village of Trnovo, the all-Macedonian Ilinden Gathering was held outside the Church of the Ascension of the Holy Mother of God.
In the centre its banks are lined with shops, bars, restaurants and spanned by the Trnovo bridge, Cobblers' bridge, Butchers' bridge and Dragon bridge, among others, all with interesting stories behind them.
The mayor of the municipality of Trnovo, Ibro Berilo, said he has signed a memorandum on cooperation with Ismail Ahmed, the head of the Buroj Property Development company from Dubai, Associated Press reported.
The project would be the biggest foreign investment of this type in Bosnia, stated Ibro Berilo, the mayor of the municipality of Trnovo, after he signed a deal with Ismail Ahmed, the head of Buroj Property Development.
The company is located in the west of Slovenia, in the woods of Trnovo, not really far away from the border with Italy.