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Lepani's analysis not only highlights the way in which Trobriand Islands women are able to actively position and reposition themselves socially across the life course as expressions of 'situated agency'.
Building these structures required considerable effort and social networking as even in the Trobriand Islands they included stone slabs quarried on Woodlark Island (Austen 1939/40; Egloff 1979: 107; Bickler 2006).
Sexual Life of Savages in North-Western Melanesia: An Ethnographic Account of Courtship, Marriage and Family Life Among the Natives of the Trobriand Islands, British New Guinea.
1) with observation and collecting records from Samarai Island, Milne Bay (vicinity of Alotau and Sullivan Patches), vicinity of Harvey Bay (Oro Province), and the Trobriand Islands.
Like Malinowski's unforeseen internship in the Trobriand Islands during World War I, Leach's military service in Burma during World War II inadvertently facilitated his breaking loose from the anthropological model of intensive fieldwork in a single community, with limited generalization to larger social units.
Bronislaw Malinowski, Coral Gardens and Their Magic: A Study of the Methods of Tilling the Soil and of Agricultural Rites in the Trobriand Islands (New York, 1935).
The Thurmans, a bunch of type-A overachievers, certainly are out of their element on one of the Trobriand Islands off the coast of Papua New Guinea, where the pace is much slower and there is no electricity or running water.
The sexual life of savages in northwestern Melanesia; an ethnographic account of courtship, marriage and family life among the natives of the Trobriand Islands, British New Guinea.
He has done research in the Trobriand Islands and Kiribati, among the Maasai of Tanzania, and among homeless women in Chicago, where he has taught since 1984.
Crime and Custom in Savage Society, Bronislaw Malinowski's seminal work of legal anthropology, published in 1926, describes the early twentieth century legal culture of the Trobriand Islands in Melanesia.
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No thesps stand out in the middling ensemble job, the sexual politics are old had, and even pretty pictures of the Trobriand Islands aren't memorable.