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Surely the Trojans were on the verge of big things.
That first, and harmless, Trojan executes only if the user opens it as an attachment.
This is because anti-virus software relies mainly on recognizing the "signatures" of each Trojan.
Conversely, Calyptix Security's customers were protected well before the first variant of the Trojan was discovered without any need for signature updates.
An infected machine is unable to update its antivirus program, as the Trojan overwrites the host file that Microsoft(TM) Windows(TM) uses to manually override DNS names.
Trojan also has served as Manager of Financial Analysis and Accounting for Heartland Capital Partners, LLP, a private venture capital firm, and in various positions with Deloitte & Touche LLP.
The third-generation Trojan horse eliminates the weaknesses of the prior two generations.
We're tremendously excited about the prospects for Ueberall: A Trojan Technologies Company," said Bulckaert in announcing the deal at IFAT 2002.
We're delighted to have won our first municipal contracts in China -- a market where it is expected that up to $17 billion will be spent on wastewater treatment infrastructure over the next decade," said Trojan President & CEO Allan Bulckaert.
Trojan management is optimistic that the contract for the ultraviolet system will ultimately be awarded to Trojan, but the final decision to proceed with the selection and award the purchase contract is subject to the approval of the OCWD and OCSD Board of Directors.
Trojan UVSwift(TM) System In Seattle To Be The Largest Municipal