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Na2(CO3)·Na(HCO3)·2H2O A gray-white or yellowish-white mineral that crystallizes in the monoclinic system and occurs in fibrous or columnar layers or masses. Also known as urao.



a mineral of the subclass of simple hydrous carbonates Na3H[CO3]2·2H2O. Trona crystallizes in the monoclinic system, usually forming grayish or yellowish-white granular or powdery masses. It has a hardness of 2.5–3.0 on Mohs’ scale and a density of 2,140–2, 170 kg/m3. It is freely soluble in water. Trona occurs in salt lake deposits in association with soda, thermonatrite, and mirabilite and is used as a raw material for soda manufacture. There are trona deposits in the lakes of the Kulunda Steppe (USSR) and California and Nevada (USA) and in the lakes of the Arab Republic of Egypt. Large stratified deposits are found in the USA, in Wyoming.

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Tata Chemicals established a presence there by purchasing General Chemical Industrial Products' trona operation in early 2008 for a little more than $1 billion, while FMC sold its trona business to Tronox in 2015 for $1.
Today, the deposit of Ankara Beypazari is the second largest trona region among the others of the world.
Al and his wife Betty were regulars at the annual Tucson and Trona shows.
The main threat comes from ex-chaser, Ca Na Trona who was going well when unseating three out at Alnwick, while the locally-trained Hartburn also merits consideration.
There was another Cheltenham connection in the 3m2f handicap chase when Ca Na Trona, ridden by Noel Fehily, held off the renewed challenge of Yes My Lord by a length.
The complexion of that race changed in the last two fences, with Ca Na Trona (14-1) coming from off the pace and surviving a mistake at the last to score by a length and a half from Super Judge.
Deller used his honorarium to buy a beat-up Jeep (in which he scoured the back roads) and five acres of land ($2,000 at auction) in the beleaguered nine-church, one-bar town of Trona, California, staking a presumably enduring claim on the West Coast.
FMC Corporation has discontinued trona mining and mothballed soda ash production at its Granger, WY operation.
The company also manufactures a full line of belts for use in coal, potash, salt, trona, lead zinc, copper and other underground mines.
ANA MARY ARMYGRAM is the Distinguished Randall McLeod Marmoreal Professor of Textual Bibliography at the University of Trona.
Since FMC began mining trona in 1948, the company's operations have improved and expanded to meet the world's growing need for this basic mineral.