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, member of the Salmonidae, a family of marine fish that spawn in freshwater, including the salmons, the trouts, and the chars (subfamily Salmoninae), the whitefish and the ciscoes (subfamily Coregoninae), and the grayling (subfamily Thymallinae).
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the name for freshwater fishes of the genera Salmo and Oncorhynchus, family Salmonidae. Trout live in mountain brooks and rivers or in lakes.

The brook, or river, trout usually measures up to 37 cm in length and weighs as much as 800 g, while the lake trout is larger and weighs up to 34 kg. Lake and brook trout are freshwater forms of the salmon trout. They attain sexual maturity in the third or fourth year and spawn in autumn and winter. The females deposit from 250 to several thousand roe on a gravelly bottom. The rainbow trout of North America is a freshwater form of the salmon S. gairdneri. It is more thermophilic than European trout and more resistant to diseases, and it grows more rapidly. Rainbow trout spawn in spring, summer, and autumn.

All trout are valuable commercial fishes and are bred commercially.


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(vertebrate zoology)
Any of various edible fresh-water fishes in the order Salmoniformes that are generally much smaller than the salmon.
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1. any of various game fishes, esp Salmo trutta and related species, mostly of fresh water in northern regions: family Salmonidae (salmon). They resemble salmon but are smaller and spotted
2. any of various similar or related fishes, such as a sea trout
3. Austral any of various fishes of the Salmo or Oncorhynchus genera smaller than the salmon, esp European and American varieties naturalized in Australia
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