a dynasty of princes and (after 925) kings, who ruled Croatia for most of the period from the mid-ninth through the late 11th century.

The best known representatives of the Trpimirovic dynasty were Trpimir, the founder of the dynasty (ruled c. 845–864), Mutimir (ruled c. 890–910), Tomislav (ruled c. 910-c. 928), Kresimir I (ruled c. 928–935), Miroslav (ruled 945–949), Mikhailo Kresimir II (ruled 949–969), Stjepan Drzislav (ruled 969–995), Stjepan I (ruled 1030–58), Petar Kresimir IV (ruled 1058–74), Dmitar Zvonimir (ruled 1075–89), and Stjepan II (ruled 1090–91).