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1. a narrow road or way between buildings, hedges, fences, etc.
a. any of the parallel strips into which the carriageway of a major road or motorway is divided
b. any narrow well-defined route or course for ships or aircraft
3. the long strip of wooden flooring down which balls are bowled in a bowling alley
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What does it mean when you dream about a lane?

Dreaming about a lane can have the same meaning as dreaming about a road: namely, the direction of our life or our life path. Whereas a dream about a country lane might be alluding to a “trip down memory lane,” a lane on a multi-lane highway could indicate “life in the fast lane.”

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(civil engineering)
An established route, as an air lane, shipping lane, or highway traffic lane.
One of the sections of the coverage area of a pair of Decca stations in which any phase relationship may be measured.
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1. A narrow passageway bordered by trees, fences, or other lateral barrier.
2. That part of a roadway which accommodates a single line of vehicles.
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(1) (lane) A channel in the PCI Express interface. See PCI Express.

(2) (LAN Emulation) Connecting Ethernet and Token Ring networks together via ATM. LANE was also used to create emulated LANs (ELANs), which like VLANs, logically combine groups of users. Governed by the ATM Forum, the LANE User-to-Network Interface (LUNI) defined how end stations communicated with the ATM network.

Encapsulating LAN Packets
The LANE driver encapsulated Ethernet and Token Ring packets into LANE packets and then converted them into ATM cells, and vice versa. The driver resided in each client station and in an edge device between the LAN and the ATM switch.

The LECS and BUS
Implemented in an ATM switch or stand-alone server, LANE comprised two software components: the LANE Configuration Server (LECS) for address resolution, and the Broadcast and Unknown Server (BUS) for multicast and broadcast traffic management within the ELAN. See ATM and MPOA.
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Rather than attempting to apply a cost-based approach to the issue of the share of truck lane costs that should be paid by various vehicle classes, a more workable basis for estimating the relative cost burdens of truck-only lanes might be to consider the nature and magnitude of benefits that the two groups of users would be likely to derive if truck-only lanes were constructed.
According to her, the DPWH was doing re-blocking work on C5, Congressional and Mindanao Avenues, adding: 'There are damaged truck lanes which we will repair but in the meantime, these affect the number and quality of available lanes.'
MANILA -- To ease traffic congestion along major city roads, the Quezon City government will also designate dedicated truck lanes similar to those earlier opened in other cities in the capital.
MANILA -- To ease traffic on major roads, the Quezon City government plans to designate dedicated truck lanes on Congressional Avenue, Mindanao Avenue and Visayas Avenue.
White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow told CNBC he's been looking at potentially keeping truck lanes open.
The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) has announced the implementation of a temporary diversion of the northbound truck lanes on Al Majd Road at Bu Al Yawabi Interchange (Exit 27).
Tribune News Network Doha THE Public Works Authority, 'Ashghal', has announced a temporary diversion of the northbound truck lanes on Al Majd Road at Bu Al Yawabi Interchange (Exit 27).
According to him, the project aims to rehabilitate the border post between the UAE and Saudi Arabia, which will further drive investment, development, tourism enhancement and trade between the two countries, besides improving the capacity of the border post and facilitating the movement of passengers between the two countries, while developing the services of the transport and passenger sector and upgrading the vehicles and truck lanes.
Oil's logistics assets include 2.9 MMbbls of storage capacity, a proprietary 14-mile jet fuel pipeline, a marine terminal with 15 acres of waterfront property, a unit train rail facility with 107 unloading spots and a truck rack with six truck lanes and 10 loading arms.
He added that they are planning two new truck lanes on Emirates Road in both directions, which will not only end heavy vehicle traffic clogging the highway on either side, but also do away with designated hours currently in place.
Slated to be completed within 16 months, the project includes rehabilitation of fast car and truck lanes; police, customs and passport counters/checkpoints; street lighting and telecommunications networks, stated Emirati news agency WAM .