Truman Doctrine

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Truman Doctrine


a foreign policy statement of the government of the USA contained in an address to Congress by President H. Truman in March 1947. The Truman Doctrine assumed the force of law in May 1947, when Congress passed and the president signed legislation providing for the allocation during the fiscal year 1947–48 of $400 million in “aid” to Greece and Turkey to help those countries meet an alleged communist threat. Appropriate agreements were signed with Greece and Turkey on June 20 and July 12,1947, respectively.

The Truman Doctrine sought to contain the forces of democracy and socialism, which had grown in strength after World War II, by exerting continued pressure on the USSR and other socialist countries and by rendering support to reactionary forces and governments. The doctrine was invoked by the government of the USA to justify imperialist intervention in the internal affairs of other countries and to unleash the cold war, with its attendant world tensions. The program of extensive military aid initiated by the USA under the Truman Doctrine was subsequently included in various other assistance programs and was accompanied by the establishment on foreign soil of a network of American military bases.


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(e.g., through the Truman Doctrine) played a key role in alleviating the influence of Communism in Turkey after the World War 2.
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It was left to Truman to sort out FDR's mess of contradiction and ambiguity, rescuing Western Europe from chaos and Soviet domination with Marshall Plan aid, the Truman Doctrine, and the creation NATO, and thereby bringing the military and political aspects of U.S.