Trump, Donald

Trump, Donald (John)

(1946–  ) real estate developer; born in New York City. He was the son of a New York City residential real estate developer, whose Trump Organization he took over. He greatly expanded its holdings and built increasingly grandiose buildings including the Trump Tower, New York (1982) and Atlantic City casinos. His high-profile political dealmaking and enthusiastic self-promotion made him a 1980s celebrity who suffered a spectacular crash into near-bankruptcy in 1990.
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Summary: New York [United States], Mar 16 (ANI): Vanessa Trump, Donald Trump Jr's wife, has filed for divorce in the Manhattan Supreme Court.
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Ivana Trump, Donald Trump's ex-wife "All they are trying to do is scare the pants off everybody about leaving, but it is crazy" Former Tory chancellor Lord Lawson attacks the stay-in-the-EU lobby
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A finales de 2008, en un modesto restaurante de Puerto Morelos, sitio cercano a la zona turistica de Cancun, se reunieron los hijos del magnate inmobiliario Donald Trump, Donald Jr.
Massler was ordered to sign orders of protection that continue to bar him from contacting Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, her husband, Jarrod Kushner, Donald Trump III, Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr.
Having spent over 30 years representing Manhattan's most distinguished developers, such as Donald Trump, Donald Zucker, Rose Associates, Daniel Brodsky and Dennis Herman, it is now time to bring my expertise nationwide in the sales and marketing of large-scale residential properties," said Sonenberg.